Translatros and Editors

1)  How much does it cost to join your network?

It costs nothing! It is 100% free to join our network. The difficulty is to convince us that you are a good editor.

2)  How can I convince you that I am a good editor?

This is a result of your curriculum vitae (CV), the credentials you can show us from past jobs and the verification process from editing that we will run for you.

3 ) How fast can I receive jobs from you?

When you first register to our network you have to pass thru a verification process that will convince us that you are a good editor. Once this process is complete the job assignment will be a result of how many jobs exist for you and the number of relevant editors for each job.

4)  If there are many Translators for few jobs how do you decide which editor will be preferred?

This is a decision based on many factors. The system keeps records on the performance of each editor and it automatically decides on who is the best editor for each job. The most important factor is how many jobs did the editor managed to deliver within the deadline limits. Another important factor is the quality of his/her editing. The quality is based on the clients' comments and the periodic quality assurance proof reads our administrators run. Response speed is also a critical factor for an editor. When the system assigns a job to an editor, the editor has to respond the fastest possible to accept or decline the job. This is the response speed and it is very seriously taken into account from the system. Depending on the nature of the editing the system makes different decisions. For example for short editing the system will give more importance to the response speed, and for large editing it will give more importance to the deadline performance.

5)  What does Fast Translate expect of me when I accept a project?

We expect that you will provide us with an edited document. That you will look over your translation for grammar mistakes, typos, etc. and use a spell checker, before you send us your files. This is especially critical if you are sending us the final deliverable. We expect you to confirm receipt of the files, instructions, etc. and that you will ask us detailed, specific and pertinent questions early in the project, not once you are ready to deliver.

6)  What should I do if I discover I may not be able to meet the deadline you wish?

You should immediately contact us and explain the situation. Please let us know of the reason for the delay and your proposed delivery time, and then you should wait for until the approval from the Project Manager.

Our service was created to meet your translation needs. We guarantee immediate service for any language combination you need.

7)  If I have questions about the source document, whom should I contact and what information should I provide?

Contact immediately the Customer Service via email at You should specify the job ID, file name and the location in the file where you have a question, and the question. The more informative and specific your question is the more efficiently the Customer Service will be able to provide you with an effective answer. If you do not hear back from the Customer Service within 5 hours, please contact them directly by EMAIL or telephone +30 210 6853480.

8)  If I am performing a Translator or an editor quality assessment, what should I do if I feel the quality of the translation is not acceptable?

Contact immediately the Customer Service with a list of specific issues you have outlined. The Customer Service will evaluate your request and the issues presented and will go back to the person who worked on the document to fix the problems, or ask you to fix the problems and report the additional numbers of hours spent on the task. Please do not go forward with the additional work until you have had the approval from the Project Manager.

 9)  Payment for my project is late, whom should I contact?

Please, contact accounting directly at or by fax at +30 210 6853419. Please be sure to reference your invoice number in your e-mail, and include your name or company name, and your user name to our system.

10)  What if my work is unacceptable by Fast Translate?

If you can't correct the problems, then the person who noted the errors (e.g. the editor) will correct the errors and a portion of the editor's payment will be reduced, according to the actual time spent to correct the document. If Fast Translate repeatedly receives poor quality from the same person, he/she may be disqualified from doing any further work with Fast Translate.

11)  What should I do if I am having a problem with the service representatives?

Discuss this situation with the Project Manager by email at

12)  Invoicing

Neglecting to provide all the information on your Invoice will result in payment delays.
We need all the following information.
Please, include all the following necessary information in you Invoice:
My Invoice is issued in accordance with the requirements of my County Laws and the form specified by the associate’s (editor) county legislation

  1. I nvoice number
  2.  Date
  3.  Full name
  4.  Street address or nearest intersection
  5.  City
  6.  State/Province/Territory
  7.  Zip/Postal Code
  8.  Country  
  9.  Telephone number
  10.   Fax number
  11.   EMAIL
  12.   URL  (today)
  13.   Tax Payer Identification Number                                                            
  14.   Tax residence  
  15.   Services provided
  16.   Job reference number  (ID) (provided by Fast Translate)                           
  17.   Full description of the Job
  18.   Source/target languages
  19.   Number of source words x Rate (per word in Euros)
  20.  You should STAMP and sign your Invoice

Invoice within 7 days of completion of your projectt and send your Invoice by EMAIL to: Fast Translate, 72 Pentelis Av. 15234 Chalandri, Athens Greece

Fast Translate will pay you within 30 days after the receipt of your invoice. We pay according to when the invoice is received and approved by the Project Manager.

13) What is a multipart editing?

Occasionally clients request simultaneous editing for many languages. For example a client may wish to edit a document from Italian to Greek, English, French, and Spanish. In case there are no available editors to edit directly from Italian to Greek and English and French and Spanish we use this method to cover the client’s request: We edit the Italian document to English and from English to all the other languages. In such cases the editor assigned to work from English to French will have to wait until the Italian to English editor delivers his/her work. Special cases analogous to this example are called multipart editing.