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Early career researchers show great interest in EKT’s seminar on Open Science and management of research data

The seminar confirmed the Greek research community’s interest and particularly that of young researchers in Open Science/Open Access, as well as its willingness to adopt Open Access in research activities.

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Examples of modern scientific research on an open information event at NHRF premises

The findings of the European Research Council (ERC) research projects into the relationship between science and the senses will be presented at a joint event to be held by the National Documentation Centre and the Ellinogermaniki Agogi.

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The first example of Greeks networking through the Knowledge and Partnership Bridges initiative

The initiative "Knowledge and Partnership Bridges" aims to make the best possible use of the knowledge and experience of Greeks living abroad while connecting them with the country.

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EKT consultation on enterprises participating in the NBG Seeds programme

During the meetings, innovative companies were briefed on European funding programmes, updating activities, promotion and partner searches and networking on a European level.

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2nd Hellenic Innovation Forum: When innovation meets entrepreneurship

On the second day of the 2nd Hellenic Innovation Forum, Executives representing companies involved in the innovation sector in all areas of the economy will present their products and services to various investors (funds, angel investors, investors from the public sector etc.).

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A new EKT study on PhD holders graduating from Greek Universities in 2015

Analytical data on profiles, specialisation and international mobility of young doctorate holders.

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B2B meetings and international partnerships in tourism, transport, maritime economy - Catania Sicily 24-25 May

Participants will be able to broaden their contacts network, explore new ideas and establish international partners.

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Access to 3,810 open university courses via OpenCourses electronic platform

Those interested can download or view the course modules online with some lessons being available in the form of video lectures.

Read more Boosting Greek cultural heritage in the public digital space

There are already 430,000 Greek cultural and historical items, while over 100,000 items are now included in Europeana!

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