The last day of registration for Virtual MariMatch 2020, the prestigious online event for maritime economy, is 31 August. To date, the event, which will take place 2-4 September, has attracted the interest of more than 270 participants. Register by 31 August to request online meetings with other organisations by 1 September.

Virtual MariMatch 2020, which is being organised by the 'Maritime Industry & Services' group Enterprise Europe Network, combines prearranged virtual b2b meetings with open innovation panels, open networking opportunities and 4 information sessions covering key maritime innovation topics including funding opportunities for Research and Innovation in Horizon Europe:

Track A 'Towards a sustainable waterborne transport'

Track B 'Towards a sustainable interaction with our oceans and seas'

Track C 'Ship automation and digital support of the crew'

Track D 'Smart porrts, terminals and logistics'