The multidimensional phenomenon of Open Science and the open digital ecosystem developed by the National Documentation Centre (EKT) for the benefit of the scientific community, young researchers and society in general is presented in EKT's new working paper entitled 'The role of EKT in the Open Science ecosystem'.

How is the concept of Open Science defined and what policies contribute to its promotion? What are the challenges facing the Open Science movement and what are its aspirations and goals? What are the benefits of further opening up science both for  science itself and its  interaction with society? How, by monitoring and participating in the international debate, does EKT co-shape and apply Open Science principles for the benefit of the research community and society in general?

EKT's new publication examines the questions above within the light of international discourse on Open Science, in which EKT is actively involved through its participation in European projects and initiatives, and presents the digital research infrastructures that EKT has developed for the promotion of Open Science and Open Access to research data.